Melanie is a pleasure to work with and immediately digs right in to get the job done, no matter how daunting it may seem to the client!  The service she offers is not only about organizing a space, it's about a transformation and really improving the quality of your daily life.  She's helped me with various areas of my home, the most recent was my bedroom closet which was crammed full of random items that don't belong in a bedroom closet!  She was able to help me purge and reorganize in a way that eliminates stress from my morning routine knowing that I'll be able to find exactly what I need anytime I need it!  I highly recommend hiring Melanie - an organized space will elevate your life!
M.M., Holt

Melanie provides an incredible value.  She gives you the peace of mind by clearing out your clutter and leaving you with more clarity and time for what's important in your life.  She was worth every penny and did an amazing job in our home.  It was also great fun having her here!  I look forward to tackling many more projects with her! I highly recommend her services.

J.S., East Lansing

Very thorough, organized and fun to work with.

M.B., Lansing

I was very pleased with Melanie! She is charming, a hard worker, thorough , and worth the cost, which is very reasonable!

E.K., Mason

Melanie is the best. Everyone has those spaces in their homes (for me it was coffee tables) that you walk by and they are cluttered and it stresses you out. Call Melanie Zell! The amount that you pay her to help you with that is WAY less than the ongoing stress of looking at it and feeling bad. She is friendly, non-judgmental, and efficient. I can't say enough nice things about her.


J.B., Haslett



Melanie is talented, kind, compassionate, and downright AMAZING! She can come into any disorganized environment, state of chaos, or acute upheaval and make it better. The way she does this is by working WITH you to create exactly what you need and ultimately organizing both your home and your mind. Highly recommend Early Bird Organizing. We all deserve to feel at peace in our spaces!

R.C., Okemos

While we, Melanie and me, have a ways to go, she has me on the path to orderliness.  She has great ideas and solutions for every area of my house.  And she works hard the entire time she is with me.  Can't say enough good things about her services.  
S.R., Mason

Early Bird Organizing is amazing! Melanie helped organize my home to sell and then organized and helped set up my new home! So many great organizing ideas, very meticulous and can’t say enough great things about Melanie and her business!

J.S., DeWitt