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I’m embarrassed to show you my space.  Are you going to judge me?


Absolutely not!  I chose to become a professional organizer because I am passionate about organizing and having “everything in its place”.  There is no need for embarrassment or worry.  This is a judgment-free zone.  My services are also confidential.  

Are you going to make me get rid of everything?


Gosh no, although I do encourage the purging of items.  We will work together on sorting your items, and I will be asking questions along the way to determine their importance in your life. 


Do I have to be involved in the organizing process?


Yes and no.  I feel decluttering is the most important step during the organizing process.  As we sort, I will ask questions about your items.  I also teach you organizing skills and suggest products that may help you maintain the organized space(s).  I can do the final step of putting everything in its place for you.

What cities do you travel to?

I service most cities in Clinton, Ingham and Eaton Counties. I do charge a mileage fee after 60 miles round trip. 


I'm ready.  How do I start?


You can reach out to me by phone (text or call), email or use the contact form.  We will discuss your organizing goals and schedule a day and time to start during the telephone consultation.  I will ask you to text me some pictures of the space before the session. You may request a one-hour on-site consultation be performed at my hourly rate ($50). This will be credited to you after your first session is completed. I reserve the right to request a consult if the job sounds extensive (a $50 fee also applies). A session is 3 hours in length ($150), and I schedule morning and afternoon appointments. I accept cash, checks, Venmo and credit/debit cards through Square (a 3% processing fee will be applied).  Payment is due at the end of each session.  


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