I’m embarrassed to show you my space.  Are you going to judge me?


Absolutely not!  I chose this profession because I am passionate about organizing and having “everything in its place”.  There is no need for embarrassment or worry.  This is a judgment-free zone.  My services are also confidential.  If you allow me to use before and after pictures, your name will not appear. 


Should I clean up the areas before the consultation?


No.  I want to see your spaces how they are right now so I can evaluate your needs and make a plan of action.


Are you going to make me get rid of everything?


Gosh no, although I do encourage purging of unused items.  We will work together on sorting your items, and I will be asking questions along the way to determine their importance in your life. 


Do I have to be involved in the organizing process?


Yes, indeed.  I need your input on what you use, don’t use, need or want.  I feel decluttering is the most important step during the organizing process.  I also teach you organizing skills as we go through the project.  Once we go through everything and discuss the plan, I can do the final step of putting everything in its place for you.


Are there extra costs involved?


If traveling more than 60 miles round trip, I do charge a mileage fee. Also, extra costs are involved if you would like additional storage containers or other organizing products that may be recommended based on your budget.  My strategy is to use what you already have.  The less to buy, the better!  However, if you want that Pinterest worthy pantry or closet, that certainly can be done!  We will do sorting of your items first to gauge what may need to be purchased.  I can do the shopping for you (within your budget) at no additional fee. 



Serving the Mid-Michigan Area

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