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This is the most important step to getting organized! Are you overwhelmed and don't know where to start? I will work alongside you to make decisions on what you want to keep or let go of.  



After decluttering, this is where we will work together to implement new organizational strategies.  New products may be suggested within your budget, whether it be containers, shelving, drawer inserts, etc.  I always try to repurpose things you may already own.



Are you moving to a smaller home? I will work with you to make decisions on what you want to keep, donate/toss or give to family members/friends.  


Is the paper in your home overflowing?  I will guide you through what you need to keep long-term, short-term or shred/toss.  A new filing system can be created to keep the remaining paper organized.  


A home that appears more spacious and less cluttered will sell faster!  This is the time to purge items you no longer need.  You will have fewer things to pack and move into your new home.  After purging, I can help restyle your home with your current furnishings.  Make it picture-perfect for those photos!


Need some help getting settled? Get everything organized from the beginning!  I will work with you to get every room unpacked and organized. 



After every session and at no extra cost, I will take a load of small-sized donations for you so you have one less thing to do.   If you have larger items, I can help you find a service provider for haul away at your cost.   


Additional organizational supplies may be recommended as we proceed with your project.  To ease the burden, I can do the shopping for you within your budget at no charge.  You are under no obligation to purchase these.        



Serving the Mid-Michigan Area

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