Is the clutter causing you to feel overwhelmed and anxious? Wouldn't it be great to walk into your home and feel relaxed and calm? Early Bird Organizing is here to help declutter and create systems so you can experience the joy of having an organized home. 


We will work together to sort and purge items in the problematic area.  Along the way, I will share organizing tips and give product recommendations. I will discuss your goals of the space and set up an organizational system that you can use with ease.  

Early Bird Organizing offers professional organizing to areas of the home and business including, but not limited to, closets, pantries, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices/dens, laundry rooms, garages, basements and storage rooms.

Paper Management

Is the paper in your home or business taking over?  I can sort through the piles and separate them into categories for you to look over, or we can do it together.  A new filing system can be created as well.


Preparing Your Home to Sell

A home that appears more spacious and less cluttered will appeal to buyers!  This is the time to purge items you no longer need.  You will also have fewer things to pack and move into your new home.  After purging, I can help restyle your home with your current furnishings.  Make it picture-perfect for those real estate photos!

Unpacking Assistance

Would you like to get everything organized from the beginning?  Let the stress of moving melt away as I help get your belongings unpacked and set up in your home so everything is in its place.  


What's Included?

  • Thirty-minute phone consultation. We will discuss the problem areas in detail and what you hope to achieve during the organization process.  I will have you text or email pictures so I can get a feel for the space.  I may opt to do an on-site consultation if it is a big project.  

  • Donation drop-off.  I will take one load of items per session to a donation center. I cannot take large items but can arrange pickup if needed (at your cost).  

  • Product recommendations/personal shopping.  During sessions, I may recommend storage solutions to improve the function of your space, but these are just suggestions.  You are under no obligation to purchase these items. I can also do the shopping for you and bring the items at the next visit.  Payment is due at the time of delivery.

  • Basic labeling.