Overstuffed closet
Everything in its place!

This hall closet became a catch-all of miscellaneous stuff.  After purging, organizing and labeling, this area is more functional.   

Corner cabinet in need of some love
Finished corner cabinet

This corner cabinet was functional but could definitely use some improvement.  New shelving, baskets and turntables were implemented.  It is easier to see the products now!

Messy toy room
Shelving unit before
Shelving unit after

This business storeroom needed some help!  The finished project is much less chaotic.  


This game room got some much-needed straightening and a little staging.  Some items were packed away so the space looked more inviting to potential home buyers. 

Neat toys

This toy area had a great system that just needed a little tweaking.  Items were sorted into categories by color and labeled so it makes clean-up time easier.