Early Bird Organizing, LLC is a professional organizing service for homes and small businesses in the greater Lansing area.

Melanie is talented, kind, compassionate, and downright AMAZING! She can come into any disorganized environment, state of chaos, or acute upheaval and make it better. The way she does this is by working WITH you to create exactly what you need and ultimately organizing both your home and your mind. Highly recommend Early Bird Organizing. We all deserve to feel at peace in our spaces!

R.C., Okemos

Well Organized Closet


A professional organizer helps clients declutter and organize homes and businesses.  An organizer teaches clients how to deal with clutter and become more organized, as well as gives recommendations on space planning, products and paper management.

A professional organizer can transform your space, which leads to a more calming environment.    

If you are ready to get rid of your clutter and streamline your life, Early Bird Organizing is here to help!

Your Orderly Nest Awaits!

Serving the Greater Lansing Area

DeWitt, Michigan
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