Are you ready to break free from clutter and get organized?

Early Bird Organizing, LLC is a professional organizing service based in DeWitt, Michigan.  I provide residential and business organizing services to the mid-Michigan area.   

Shelving unit after
Finished corner cabinet

Are you overwhelmed with clutter and just don't know where to start? Have you tried to organize on your own and get distracted?  Maybe you have let go of items but have no idea how to organize what remains? 

Early Bird Organizing, LLC is passionate about everything having its own place. A chaotic, disorganized environment causes stress and anxiety.  Imagine what it would feel like to live in a clutter-free and organized home. No more searching for that lost shoe or backpack, or worse yet, your phone. What kind of time would that give you during the day if you aren't searching for things? 

If you are ready to start the journey to becoming organized, contact me today!

Meet Your  Organizer


Let me introduce myself!  My name is Melanie Zell, and I started Early Bird Organizing, LLC because I live and breathe organizing. I worked in retail in the past and loved keeping everything neat and tidy.  In my many years of life, I have seen how having a place for everything and putting everything in its place can have a huge impact on day-to-day life. My oldest daughter is handicapped and uses a wheelchair.  When she was growing up I kept the home clutter-free, organized and functional for her. I am not a minimalist by any means but I do give a lot of consideration to what items I let "live" in my home. I like to tell my clients that I can't make space appear in their home but with some important decisions on what to keep and implementing functional storage ideas, it certainly can look like space was gained.    

Melanie is talented, kind, compassionate, and downright AMAZING! She can come into any disorganized environment, state of chaos, or acute upheaval and make it better. The way she does this is by working WITH you to create exactly what you need and ultimately organizing both your home and your mind. Highly recommend Early Bird Organizing. We all deserve to feel at peace in our spaces!

R.C., Okemos

Melanie provides an incredible value.  She gives you the peace of mind by clearing out your clutter and leaving you with more clarity and time for what's important in your life.  She was worth every penny and did an amazing job in our home.  It was also great fun having her here!  I look forward to tackling many more projects with her! I highly recommend her services.

J.S., East Lansing