Welcome! Early Bird Organizing is a professional organizing service for homes, offices and small businesses in the Mid-Michigan area.   I am dedicated to helping simplify lives by clearing out clutter and creating systems to keep your spaces in order. 

Organizing is not "one size fits all".  Each client is unique.  I work with my clients one-on-one by listening to their needs and creating systems that will leave them feeling less stressful and more productive.  Just imagine not having to search for that particular something.  You won't be wasting your time, as well as money buying a new "something". 


Maybe you just need a little help with deciding what to keep when decluttering and you can handle the organization part?   


Maybe you sorted through everything and just need some help with the organization aspect?    

Maybe you are just so completely overwhelmed and don't even know how to start?


Early Bird Organizing can definitely help!  


"Melanie is talented, kind, compassionate, and downright AMAZING! She can come into any disorganized environment, state of chaos, or acute upheaval and make it better. The way she does this is by working WITH you to create exactly what you need and ultimately organizing both your home and your mind. Highly recommend Early Bird Organizing. We all deserve to feel at peace in our spaces!"

R.C., Okemos

Serving the Mid-Michigan Area

DeWitt, Michigan       earlybirdorganizing@gmail.com      517-896-9966

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